Drakes Crossing Nursery offers a wide variety of plants sold at wholesale prices.

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- 100-499 per species at 100 rate.

- 500-1000 per species at 1000 rate.



- 25% to reserve order.

- Balance at time of shipment unless other arrangements are made.

- Accounts not paid within 30 days may be charged 1% monthly.

- All orders not picked up or paid for in full by March 1, 2017 will be subject to resale.

- Cancellations after February 1, 2017 forfeit deposit.



- Trees are packed for pickup f.o.b. our nursery.

- Trees to be shipped will be charged for at $3.00 per package plus UPS shipping charges.


Digging Dates:

- Fall - Oct. 15 - Nov. 3, Weather Permitting

- Winter - Dec. 15 - Mar. 15

- No orders can be prepared Nov. 5 - Dec. 15



- We have cold storage facilities. Orders will be packed and placed in cold storage. 



Bare Root Seedlings:

Abies balsamea (Balsam Fir) Mahonia aquifolium (Oregon Grape) Pinus ponderosa (Ponderosa Pine)
Abies balsamea phanerolepis (Canaan Fir) Mahonia nervosa (Longleaf Mahonia) Pinus strobus (Eastern White Pine)
Abies bornmuerllerian (Turkish Fir) Mahonia repens (Creeping Mahonia) Pinus strobiformis (Southwestern Pine)
Abies concolor (White Fir) Metasequoia glyptostroboides (Dawn Redwood) Pinus sylvestris (Scotch Pine)
Abies firma (Momi Fir) Picea abies (Norway Spruce) Pinus thunbergii (Japanese Black Pine)
Abies fraseri (Fraser Fir) Picea pungens (Colorado Spruce) Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglas Fir)
Abies grandis (Grand Fir) Picea sitchensis (Sitka Spruce) Sambucus cerulea (Blue Elderberry)
Abies magnifica (Red Fir) Pinus aristata (Bristlecone Pine) Sambucus racemosa (Red Elderberry)
Abies magnifica shastensis (Shasta Fir) Pinus contorta (Shore Pine) Sequoia gigantea (Giant Sequoia)
Abies nordmanniana (Nordmann Fir) Pinus contorta murrayana (Lodgepole Pine) Taxodium distichum (Bald Cypress)
Abies procera (Noble Fir) Pinus griffithii (Griffith Pine) Thuja occidentalis (American Arborvitae)
Acer circinatum (Vine Maple) Pinus leucodermis (Bosnian Pine) Thuja orientalis (Oriental Arborvitae)
Cedrus deodara (Deodar Cedar) Pinus monticola (Western White Pine) Thuja plicata (Western Red Cedar)
Fagus sylvatica (European Beech`) Pinus mugo mughus (Mugo Pine) Tsuga heterphylla (Western Hemlock)
Ginkgo biloba (Maidenhair Tree) Pinus mugo pumilio (Dwarf Mugo Pine) Tsuga mertensiana (Mountain Hemlock)
Larix leptolepis (Japanese Larch) Pinus nigra (Austrian Pine)